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An Alternative to High International Roaming Internet Data Cost

In my recent travel, I found a great travel companion that I think will be a regular in my future trips. It is pocket wi-fi or some refer it as mifi (mobile wi-fi), wifi egg, and portable modem. As it’s name, it is like our modem at home but portable and can fit into pocket (similar size to smart phone). The service that I went with is Wilh-ma and I found them through OzBargain and found few reviews in Whirlpool link here, here, and here (warning: they are long threads 🙂 ).

As it allows multiple connections, I was able to connect my iphone, surface pro, wife’s ipad, and her iphone.

I went to Japan which they offer unlimited data with no speed slow down (if you are unfamiliar, some companies offer unlimited data but the speed is actually capped after certain data consumption).

I’d definitely recommend Wilh-ma. They are very responsive, offer free delivery in Australia, and prepaid envelope for device return.

I also think that Corporate people can use this for their work travel. Instead of turning on the roaming, use the service. You will know the cost up front and capped. No surprise bill. I know that it is company’s money but if we can be good employee and save the company’s money, why not!

I found the following services in Australia:

Wilh-ma for overseas travel

Australia Wireless Rental They seem to focus on inbound travelers who are looking for internet solution in their travel in Australia. Go Australia Tourism business!
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