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What cold weather can do your car?

My car would not start few days ago and I was told by technician that the engine was flooded. Here is what happened.

DISCLAIMER: By all means, I am not a mechanic. The language I use below is very simplistic and this post is only for sharing the experience. You should refer to qualified mechanic/technician for explanation and advise.

I have Mitsubishi Lancer 2009 ES model. It was Winter 2018 in Melbourne. The car would not start. It does not sound like battery flat situation. It sounds more horrible. The technician came and they asked me to start the engine. As soon as they heard it, they asked “was your last drive with this car just a short distance like moving from driveway to garage?”. And I said “Yes, it was only 2 blocks driving”. They said, “The engine could be flooded. I will explain later”.

What they then did was pushing the pedal all the way down to the floor and kept igniting the engine until it was successful. It was not successful at first few attempts and I can see burnt fuel from the exhaust.

Anyway, it started and all happy. And here came the explanation.

When the weather is cold, older car tends to pour more fuel to the engine to make the car heated faster. The fact that I only did a short drive, it caused the fuel to stay there. The solution is either
– heat the car longer before driving short distance, or
– drive longer

Lesson learnt! Luckily I have Roadside Assist!

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