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What to look out before installing Solar Panel?

If you are reading this, congratulation. You are taking the first step to pay tribute to the earth and soon will have a taste of abundance. Yes, abundance!

I recently installed a 6.48 KWH solar panel (270 W x 24 panels).

Right now, I got to enjoy the followings:

  • I mentioned abundance earlier. For the first time, I feel that I am in control and I am not conditioned by renting electricity from the supplier. After all, sun light is already part of our life.
  • Getting electricity bill becomes a fun time as it is more like how much investment return do I get this month?
  • Sell my excess back to the grid and get credit and helps others to consume energy from renewable energy that my solar panels generate.
  • I can turn on air cond, electric heater, electric cloth drying rack, etc as long as I want without worrying about bills
  • Sense of fulfilling knowing you can pay tribute to the earth.
  • Knowing nothing is impossible. I have Tesla in 3 months time?

Here is few things to prepare before installing Solar Panel

  • understand why you want to go for solar. This will help you in the discussion with the solar consultant so they can give you the best option for you. For example, going green (and assuming there is financial capacity) may lead you to a comprehensive installation that could potentially get you off the grid completely.
  • get your electricity usage report ready. My energy supplier provides access to online portal where I can view and download usage. The solar consultant will walk you through what it means and if the solar panel is an option and what kind of solution is best for you (if it is)
  • if the look of your house is important, check the color of the panels. Not all of them are black. It can have a touch of blue

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See how much I pay with dryer, washing machine, vacuum clearer are among the appliances that were on.

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