• Renewables & Abundance

    What to look out before installing Solar Panel?

    If you are reading this, congratulation. You are taking the first step to pay tribute to the earth and soon will have a taste of abundance. Yes, abundance! I recently installed a 6.48 KWH solar panel (270 W x 24 panels). Right now, I got to enjoy the followings: I mentioned abundance earlier. For the first time, I feel that I am in control and I am not conditioned by renting electricity from the supplier. After all, sun light is already part of our life. Getting electricity bill becomes a fun time as it is more like how much investment return do I get this month? Sell my excess back…

  • Books


    I am currently interested in Montessori way of human learning. I am buying the following 3 books. Please email me at admin@hpys898.com or leave comments if you have read and would like to share your views about the books. Thanks. How To Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way, 2nd Edition The Absorbent Mind

  • Life Experience

    An Alternative to High International Roaming Internet Data Cost

    In my recent travel, I found a great travel companion that I think will be a regular in my future trips. It is pocket wi-fi or some refer it as mifi (mobile wi-fi), wifi egg, and portable modem. As it’s name, it is like our modem at home but portable and can fit into pocket (similar size to smart phone). The service that I went with is Wilh-ma and I found them through OzBargain and found few reviews in Whirlpool link here, here, and here (warning: they are long threads 🙂 ). As it allows multiple connections, I was able to connect my iphone, surface pro, wife’s ipad, and her…

  • Life Experience

    What cold weather can do your car?

    My car would not start few days ago and I was told by technician that the engine was flooded. Here is what happened. DISCLAIMER: By all means, I am not a mechanic. The language I use below is very simplistic and this post is only for sharing the experience. You should refer to qualified mechanic/technician for explanation and advise. I have Mitsubishi Lancer 2009 ES model. It was Winter 2018 in Melbourne. The car would not start. It does not sound like battery flat situation. It sounds more horrible. The technician came and they asked me to start the engine. As soon as they heard it, they asked “was your…

  • Books

    Should I Read ‘Alibaba – The House that Jack Ma Built’ by Duncan Clark?

    I just recently finished Alibaba – The House that Jack Ma Built book by Duncan Clark. Before reading it, I read mixed review about the book. I went ahead buying and reading it anyway. If you are  in the same position as I was, here is the stage of knowledge I was before reading it. A fan of Jack Ma. I started idolising him after seeing him on Facebook posts, Youtube clips, etc. He is definitely a people person I thought. He is able to grab people’s attention through his stories such as he is one of the 24 applied for jobs for the first KFC in China. 23 of…